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7th Healthcare Text Analytics Conference (HealTAC) 2024

Welcome to the 7th Healthcare Text Analytics Conference, which is held in Lancaster from 12 to 14th of June 2024. As in previous years, HealTAC 2024 will bring the academic, clinical, industrial and patient communities together to discuss the current state of the art in processing healthcare free text and share experience, results and challenges.

We invite contributions that address any aspects of processing healthcare narrative and speech, including methodological advances, ethical issues, design and deployment challenges and integration with other healthcare data on large-scale. The call for contributions is available here.

The programme includes keynote talks, oral paper presentations, discussion panels, an industry forum, software demos, a PhD forum and poster sessions, as well as social events. The keynotes will be delivered by

The hashtag for the event: #HEALTAC2024

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HealTAC 2024 is pleased to announce the full programme of the conference, including Keynotes by Suzan Verberne ("Large Language Models in healthcare: ...

Keynote speakers

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We are pleased to announce that the keynote speakers at HealTAC 2024 will be Suzan Verberne (Leiden University) and Alistair Johnson (Glowyr). Suzan...

Tutorial at HealTAC 2024

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A team from the Institute of Health Informatics, University College London (Yunsoo Kim, Jinge Wu, Honghan Wu) will deliver a tutorial on 'Healthcare Tex...

Call for contributions

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HealTAC 2024 invites contributions that address any aspect of healthcare text analytics. This year, we invite submissions in the form of extended abstra...

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We are delighted to announce HealTAC 2024, the seventh annual UK healthcare text analytics conference. The main conference will be a three-day event o...